When I say Mine, I don’t mean Mine only when we are having sex time.
I don’t mean Mine only when we are in the mood.
I mean Mine now. Always. Never is there an off-switch.
I mean Mine when your tits hurt because it’s cold.
I mean Mine when you are tired.
I mean Mine when you are achy, and don’t feel like doing anything but being miserable.
I don’t mean Mine only when it’s convenient.

Just like I mean Mine when you call at 11pm asking me to be by your side.
Just like I mean Mine when you are sick and I’d rather be doing anything else than sitting by your bedside (because I do NOT have a bedside manner).
Just like I mean Mine when you are having a shitty day and I try to be kind anyway (I don’t always succeed, but I try).
Just like I mean Mine when you need me, for whatever it is you need me for, whenever it is you need it.

I do not mean Mine just for my sadistic entertainment. Yes, I do mean it for my sadism, but also for your care, and for your eddification. Mine is a two way street. Mine is a system of giving and taking that flows in both directions.

Your body is Mine to do with as I please, when I please, how I please, whether it pleases you or not. But with that comes responsibility to care for what is Mine, to ensure your health and safety both physically and emotionally. I take My end of that very, very seriously.

They say when a merger happens, you gain the other party’s enemies but not their friends. And so too is it with our past. You are Mine and with that comes your past, your butcher bill, your fears, and your triggers. I accept them all, without reservation. They are a part of you. And you are Mine. We will work through them, just as i work through my own issues, past, and baggage.

Mine. It is not just a word to be breathed in your ear to make you cum. It is an all encompassing word that flows from My lips and colors my every thought where you are concerned.

Mine. It is not merely a hot thing to say in the heat of passion. No, it is when we are cool that it means the most. Mine.

You are Mine and I will never walk away from you.

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Interesting. This is how Sir and I feel about our marriage. So interesting that extremist Christians would abhor the idea of a BDSM lifestyle, but may fail their spouse in this basic regard…

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Very well said.

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